Chief Financial Officer


Lead, direct and assume responsibility for the development and execution of sound financial management strategies, policies, procedures and work practices. Ensure the financial implications of business decisions are considered, and their impact correctly recorded and reflected for both financial management and statutory purposes. Guide, advise and support Business Development in terms of financial modelling, appropriate budgeting, accurate reporting and cash/treasury management.

Chief Financial Officer
Min Experience
7+ years in a similar role
Cape Town, South Africa

List of Primary Accountabilities:

  • Provide primary day to day management of the administrative, financial and risk management operations of the company;
  • Develop and monitor control systems;
  • Ensure financial staff maintain financial record systems and processes, ensuring adequate internal controls are in place;
  • Coordinate, review and submit monthly management accounts for the various Phelan Group Entities;
  • Coordinate all audit activities to ensure accurate, timely financial and accounting information;
  • Develop and manage all direct staff;
  • Responsible for implementing and monitoring effective information systems to support sound financial information;
  • Develop, implement, and ensure compliance with internal financial and accounting policies and procedures;
  • Document and maintain complete and accurate supporting information for all financial transactions;
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure that personnel and financial information is secure and stored in compliance with current legislation;
  • Maintain financial records for each project in a manner that facilitates management reports;
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting on the financial activity of individual projects; and
  • Monitor risk management policies and procedures to ensure that program and organizational risks are minimized;
  • Attend project board meetings;
  • Review and authorise payments for all project companies;
  • Develop and implement payment and cashflow policies;
  • Lead all refinancing activities for local business;
  • Liaising and negotiating with banks, lenders and shareholders;
  • Act as a sounding board for the Business Development Teams;
  • Oversee project company accounts for the project companies;
  • Prepare management accounts for project companies;
  • Oversee and manage project accounts;
  • Report back to Boards;
  • Present Financials for Project companies;
  • Analyse, assess and manage IT systems, licenses;
  • Manage and oversee payroll process;
  • Manage and oversee all payments for project companies;
  • Facilitate annual statutory audits for all companies;
  • Manage information undertakings under the CTA for operational projects;


An attractive package will be offered to the successful candidate.


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All applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence in compliance with our code of ethics.

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